Alchemy Magic Science Nature Art... mix it altogether...that's where you find her, Salty Sculptress.

I have always made art. Though at 5, my favorite things to draw were little towns with sad clouds and happy suns. In my mid- 40's (we'll leave it vague), I tend to make beautiful yet unserious and sometimes macabre pieces. Pulling inspiration from nature and my love for Sci-Fi, I create pieces that make me giggle or that echo the natural elements around me.
I love a good challenge, though. I have made many dragon and animal mash-ups. Who knew people needed peacock dragons, or giraffe dragons or monkey dragons? ( Got an idea? Let me hear about it!)

My science lab and maker studio is mobile along with me and the family. We spend the year in several places on the East Coast. My art funds homeschool adventures and museum trips with my boys, new books, and the occasional cuppa chai. Just joking, it buys a lot of chai.

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