A  Collection of Work, Past and Present

Mosaics in Frames and Lamps- Original Hand-cut design 8" x 11"

Stained Glass Mermaid Cosplays

Sculpted Stained Glass Lamp Bottles

Ghoulfriends in the Studio

Agate and tigerseye, Copper plated sculpted Pin

Copper-plated badges and pins

Sculpted Polymer Clay Pendant

Giraffe Dragon Custom Art

Salt Dough Recipe Card Holder

Salt Dough Bulldog

Penguin Dragon

Flamingo Dragon

Duck Dragon



I love Ewe- Available as a class!

Salt Dough Fairy Ornaments -Available as a Class

Salt Dough Ornaments

Custom Art Mermaid

Salt Dough Octopus


Kissing Imps!

Pristine Peacock

Porcu-punk Polymer Clay Magnet

Branches and Polymer Clay vines and berries with an Amber stone

Custom-ordered copper wrapped Boro pipes

Octo-pocolyps Polymer Clay, Seashell, and Crystals

Octo-pocolyps Polymer Clay, Seashell, and Crystals

Custom Dragon

Steam-powered Large Ring

Steam-powered Large Rings

Necklaces with Natural Elements

Rings and Baubles

Kraken Pendant with Jasper

Original Mermaid Art

Stained Glass Costume Dress "Inara" inspired...

Wrench Wench Polymer Clay Pin

Mech-adillo Polymer Clay Pin

Shiny Shrooms...

Copper and Stones -Pendants, Pendulums and Athames

Copper plated original sculpture

Legal imprint